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Dangers of HVAC Systems in DIY Projects

With the beginning of the New Year only a few months passed, many people are eager to start investing in DIY projects. While a good heating and cooling system is necessary in every home, it can cost a lot to install and maintain. It is no wonder homeowners are readily taking on these tasks to save, but is it ultimately cheaper? Unless you are experienced in fixing and maintaining HVAC systems, it’s best to leave the job to professionals because you could end up accidentally breaking an important part or worse, causing physical harm to yourself. We’ve outlined some of the most common projects DIY- enthusiastic people take on, and why it’s safer to let an expert take care of the issue.

Refrigerant Leaks

This is one of the recurring issues you may notice over the years. Every AC unit comes with refrigerants. When these start leaking, it could lead to temperature fluctuation, which introduces the potential for dangerous situations to occur into your home. A quick recharge may do the trick sometimes, however, a proper repair requires heavy soldering – something only a professional with the appropriate equipment should attempt to do.

Burnt Capacitors

The capacitors are responsible for the smooth running of your AC unit. Typically, the Start capacitor kicks off the process while the Run capacitor keeps it going. Should one or both capacitors burn, your AC may likely not turn on or run inefficiently. This is because these are the components responsible for powering the fans and compressor. To tackle this problem, you will need to replace the capacitors – a job that requires a screwdriver, soldering iron, soldering wick, and replacement capacitors.

Frozen Coil

The only thing worse than not having an HVAC system is dealing with a faulty one. A frozen coil can commonly be the cause of your AC unit blowing the wrong temperature of air. For complex issues that cannot be resolved by clearing dirt and debris around the air filter and evaporator coil or setting fans to auto-run until the ice melts, you should contact a professional. This could be a sign of a more serious problem.

Electricity Issues

The most common electricity issue has to do with worn out contactors. Every AC unit is equipped with contactors for the blower motor, condenser fan motor, and the compressor. Usually, these contactors make electrical connections to start the motors and compressor. An arc fault, where electricity jumps during an arc to a nearby grounded object, on the contactor could make it difficult to make electrical connections. This complication will make it impossible to start the AC. In any issue involving electricity, you should always consult an expert for safety reasons.


The unique thing about any issue involving strange smells is that it can be a result of many different things. The first line of action is to carefully inspect the AC for bacterial buildup, leaking antifreeze, an old filter, or a pet. Be sure to take the time to inspect the AC unit do a thorough clean up. To completely get rid of this foul smell, call a professional to do the inspection and repairs.

Call the professionals at Chino Heating & Cooling if you’ve experienced any of these issues regarding your air conditioning system. Our team is specialized in installing, maintaining and repairing residential HVAC systems. Contact us today!

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