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4 Tips to Stay Cool on the 4th of July

by: Will Housh

Your air conditioner is going to work hard this summer. So why run it more than you absolutely need to? With the 4th of July just around the corner, many of us are going to be hosting barbecues, watching baseball, and viewing firework displays. More than likely, you are going to have many people over for these festivities. So how do you go about letting your guests stay cool on the 4th of July and comfortable without breaking the bank on your energy bill?

Prepare Everything Outside- Most 4th of July festivities occur outside, especially when barbecuing is involved. However, some people prepare dishes that require the use of the oven or microwave. This means that you will have many people going inside and outside preparing food. The constant opening and closing of doors can result in a lot of the conditioned air being let out of your house, making your system work harder to keep the home cool. By having dishes that can be prepared outside, such as burgers, chips, and even corn-on-the-cob, you can keep your home cool since people will not need to constantly be coming in and out of your home.

Close the Blinds- This is a good idea at any point in the summer, but especially so at 4thof July celebrations. Chances are, your guests will be spending time outside, so you do not want to allow sunlight to get in when no one will be inside to enjoy it. Blocking out the sunlight will also help prevent your home from heating up and making your system work harder. If you are keeping the blinds closed but still feel like your system is working too hard, get in touch with one of our trusted professionals and they will get you cool in time for your summer celebration! And for more air conditioning savings tips, check out our article here!

Use Portable Fans- It’s going to be hot outside but your guests are going to want to find ways to stay cool. You want to keep them cool without running up your energy bills though, right? A portable, battery-operated fan will help keep your guests cool so that they can continue to enjoy the day’s festivities. These fans can usually be found at your local hardware store for as little as $20 or $30. If you want to keep your guests extra cool, many of these fans have water misters on them as well. You will save money and your party will be a hit! If you want your guests to be really amazed, you can put several bottles of water in the freezer and bring them out and put them in front of a portable fan when they are frozen. Your guests will love this simple trick as the breeze coming from the fan will feel much cooler ( Talk about a win-win!

Hydration- One of the biggest summertime health concerns is dehydration. If you are going to be outside enjoying the summertime festivities, you should be drinking between 16—32 ounces of fluids every hour ( Water combined with sports drinks that provide electrolytes will keep you hydrated and cool. Though they may seem refreshing, it is best to try to avoid drinks that have alcohol, caffeine, and large amounts of sugar. These drinks can actually make you more dehydrated.

Let’s face it: the summer is going to be hot. There is no getting around that. And you don’t want to be running your air conditioner all day long to keep your home cool when you’re outside enjoying the 4th of July festivities. At the same time, if you’re having a party, you want to make sure your guests have a great time and are kept cool and comfortable. These simple tips will go a long way to your enjoyment of the festivities and save you money. However, when the festivities end, you are going to have to go back inside and clean-up. If turning on your air conditioner at the end of the day is a concern, reach out to our network of trusted professionals who will help you keep cool and save you money today! Above all, have a happy and safe 4th of July!


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