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5 HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

A comfortable environment and clean air are important for every family member, including our furry friends. In fact, if the HVAC system is poorly maintained, your pet dogs and cats can face severe health consequences. To protect you from the hassle, we have assorted 5 important tips that would help you align your HVAC system during different seasons.

Keep the air ducts clean:

Dogs tend to shed their coat quite often and this can ultimately lead to clogged air ducts. As a result, the performance of the HVAC system reduces drastically. Besides that, pet dander can cause serious health consequences if you have allergies. According to veterinarians, prolonged exposure to dander can lead to severe respiratory ailments.

Changeover the filer every two months:

Changing the filter of the HVAC system can prolong its life. Make a habit of changing the filter every 60 days. Filters tend to catch a lot of debris and dirt that can hinder their performance in the long run. If you are not sure about 60 days, you can check the status of the filter every 30 days too.

Regularly clean the carpet:

After the air filter, carpets are the secondary house objects that catch a high amount of dander, dead skin tissues, and dirt. Clean your carpet regularly so that it gets free from impurities. If you cannot do a deep cleaning every day, try to at least vacuum the carpet every day. You can also seek professional help if you are unsure about proper carpet cleaning.

Keep the outdoor unit safe:

Ensure proper safety of the outdoor unit as it can also indirectly affect the well-being of your furry friend. Walk your pet's access to the outer unit so they won't mark on it as the unit can get corroded easily. Besides that, make sure that the airflow in the outdoor unit is not obstructed as it can severely damage the HVAC system. You can also seek the assistance of one of our HVAC professionals at Chino Heating and Cooling who can ensure there is a proper enclosure to keep pets and other animals away from the unit.

Service HVAC system via a maintenance appointment:

Our HVAC specialists will thoroughly clean your HVAC unit during the maintenance appointment. That means the unit will be free from mold, pet hairs, mildew, dust, and all the other air pollutants. Besides that, the technician will also rectify the HVAC system issues that could turn into hefty repairs. Let your HVAC get checked by a reliable, quality, and trustworthy company like us. It can drastically reduce the chances of repurchasing the system. Besides that, the technician can also guide you in cleaning clogged air ducts.


Pets are equal members of the family. A dirty HVAC system can cause potential issues to your furry friend. Here, we have assigned some tips that you need to follow to keep your HVAC system perfectly running. It is extremely recommended that you get it checked at least twice a year (in the spring and autumn season) so that the maintenance system can be rectified timely.


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