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5 Signs it is Time to Upgrade Your Home HVAC Unit

Like everything else, HVAC units also have a life span after which their working efficiency reduces drastically. Here are 5 signs that indicate it's time for you to change your HVAC unit as soon as possible. Although it may be a big investment, you will not regret it because your home temperature regulation is a top priority.

Utility bill increase

During the summer months, it is no surprise that everyone wants to stay cool by turning on the air conditioning. In doing so, it raises ones’ utility bills, and having a faulty HVAC system can have the electric bill skyrocket. Build-up of dust and corrosion are the two main reasons behind the wear and tear of HVAC units. As the system ages, you can expect a 5 to 10 % efficiency decline per year. In case of an unreasonable electric cost spike, ask a technician to visit and check for the issue.

The uneven temperature at home:

If your heating and air-conditioning system cannot maintain the temperature at home, you might need to change the unit with a more efficient solution. With current advancements, HVAC systems come with various technologies that keep the house under the same temperature throughout the living space. Besides that, always let a professional check your unit’s duct because it is the point that controls and regulates the airflow in the house. Switch to a better option in cooling, ventilation, and heating system to enjoy the same temperature at all corners of your house.

The HVAC system runs constantly.

The compressor of an air-conditioner keeps turning off and on while providing cold air, however, when an HVAC system is about to break down, the unit does not turn off. Rather it continually works. The compressor doesn't convert the hot air as efficiently, causing the unit to work constantly. This is an indication that your system may be in need of repairs or it may be time to replace it with a new HVAC unit. Find good quality and trustworthy HVAC system that knows when to turn off and when not to so that extra costs can be cut.

You purchased the HVAC system a long time ago.

Some of us believe that the HVAC unit lasts for an eternity, but the truth is nothing last forever. No matter how much you take care of your trustworthy HVAC unit, it will still perform faulty functions and requires a replacement with a more efficient model. Search for various models in the market and find the one that fits your requirements perfectly. Besides that, you should consult one of our HVAC professional before purchasing as we are certified in handling units of different capacities; a professional will give you a good suggestion based on your household need, budget, location, and usage pattern. Besides that, technicians are aware of new and reliable models in the market. Call us today for more information or assistance!

You spend a lot on repairs.

If you spend a hefty amount on regular repairing procedures for HVAC units, it is now time to change your system. Issues like leaks in the coils or compressor malfunctioning are big and expensive. If something is a one-time repair, go for it but if the big issues reoccur, change the unit with a better and cost-effective solution.


Do not expect your HVAC system to last for decades because even if you go for a regular check-up or maintenance, it might still require a replacement with an efficient HVAC system. Here, we have talked about 5 tips that would help you realize when to change an HVAC unit. Moreover, do not forget to take suggestions from a professional handler of an HVAC system.


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