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Have you scheduled your fall furnace maintenance appointment yet?

It may only be the first full week of fall, but you want to make sure that you have fall furnace maintenance on your radar. Do you know what a contractor actually does during a preventative maintenance appointment? Understanding what your contractor does can really shine some light on why scheduling an appointment is critical for long-term heating system health.

Remember, fall maintenance is the best way to avoid an emergency “no heat” service call over the winter. It is also a great way to catch minor issues that could affect the performance of your system. Better performance can mean savings on your utility bills each month.

If you have a furnace in your home, your contractor will:

  • Clean components like the burner and heat exchanger (if necessary).

  • Look over your venting system and make sure that it is operating correctly.

  • Check the equipment for rust, soot, leaks, corroded electrical contacts and frayed wires.

If you have a heat pump that you use during the winter, your contractor will:

  • Clean the indoor evaporator coil if necessary.

  • Check the refrigerant level.

  • Make sure the compressor and outdoor fan motor are operating properly.

  • Inspect all electrical connections.

  • Clean the furnace or air handler blower assembly and check for proper operation.

In addition, you should have someone come out and inspect your ductwork. This way they can check for any obstructions, collapses, leaks, etc. A faulty air distribution system can affect comfort performance.

Don’t delay! Make sure you call your local heating and air conditioning company to schedule maintenance.

Do you always remember to schedule yearly maintenance? Did you know that some manufacturers require ongoing maintenance for full warranty protection?

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