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How Often Should you be Cleaning the Air Vents in Your Homes

An HVAC system is a crucial and integral part of every home or building. This system is responsible for providing heating, ventilation, and cooling to your house so that you can live compatibly in all seasons. There are various types of HVAC units out there, and each one of these systems requires maintenance. Here, we will source crucial information about air vents and how often you should clean the air vents.

What is an air vent in a trustworthy HVAC system?

HVAC air vents allow air to enter and exit the air ducts running through your house. Most HVAC systems have two types of vents: supply vents and return vents.

Supply vents are connected to your house’s air supply ducts. The conditioned air is then blown to your house space. Moreover, the slates present in the supply vent allow users to control the air.

Return vents are larger and relate to your house’s return duct. It pulls air from the house back to the heating and air conditioning HVAC system. It doesn’t have slates like supply vents.

Are air vents present in all quality HVAC systems?

The only HVAC system that does not contain air vents is mini-split or duct-free units. These types of devices are installed in one room of the house. Such HVAC systems are wall-mounted and attached to the outdoor compressors.

Benefits of cleaning air vents in a reliable HVAC system:

Following are the benefits of cleaning air vents:

· Dust-free living environment.

· Elimination of unpleasant odor.

· Elimination of allergens.

· Lesser energy consumption.

How often should you clean HVAC units?

To keep the HVAC system fully functional, it is advised to clean the vents every two years. However, if you are experiencing issues like rapid dust accumulation in the indoor spaces, the persistent smell in the house, frequent allergic attacks, and increased electric supply bills, contact one of our HVAC professionals and get your ducts cleaned.

Are cleaning vents enough for air HVAC maintenance?

Cleaned air vents are just one aspect of HVAC maintenance. If you want to keep the HVAC unit’s efficiency at its peak, you should regularly clean the filters, clean the metal fins n condensing unit, and wipe off debris around the outdoor units. Besides that, you can also call us today for preventative maintenance at least twice a year.

How to clean air ducts and air vents?

Cleaning an air duct is a simple task. Therefore, you can perform it solo. Here are some steps you can follow:

· Turn off the HVAC system.

· Unscrew the cover on air ducts from the wall/

· To clean the grills and slates thoroughly, use a brush. In the case of grimes, use soap and water for cleaning.

· In air ducts that are too high, use a broom to clean the dirt.

If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, leave the air duct cleaning task to professionals because we have the right equipment to clean ducts thoroughly. We possess high-powered vacuums and rotary brushes that will help with cleaning. Besides that, if you clean the vents yourself, they need cleaning more often; however, when specialists clean them, the air vents remain cleaner for at least 2 years.

Cleaned air vents can help your HVAC systems in several ways. One of the biggest help that cleaned vents offer is reduced electricity bill. Besides that, it also keeps allergic reactions and odor out of your living space. In thi article, we have addressed frequently asked questions related to the air vents present in the HVAC system. We have also sourced a step-by-step guide that will help you in cleaning air vents without professional help.


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