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How Rain Affects Your AC Unit

Depending on your climate, there are certain weather patterns that you may want to prepare for once it involves AC maintenance. As an example, Gulf-area householders got to be a lot of concerned about summer because of flood conditions, whereas Northerners typically cover their AC units over winter/spring months. Your outside AC unit is constructed to face up to both spring and summer weather patterns.

Seasonal rain patterns won't have a negative impact on your AC unit. In fact, a bit rain in spring and summer is useful for removing any vegetation or rubbish that might otherwise stay lodged within the unit!

Your unit’s hardware is intended for durability, from the materials it's made of to the technology the AC unit really works. However, the system isn't at peak performance once it’s burdened with leaves, dirt or different buildups, so cleaning and general maintenance is essential. Don’t worry about getting any of the electrical elements wet during cleaning, as it is insulated from wet conditions for safety.

Lightning Storms: A Prescott lightning strike in spring and summer can cause a power surge that ruins an outdoor compressor. Therefore, its safest to call a professional, such as Chino Heating & Cooling, to shut down the A/C unit at the breaker before a lightning storm rolls through.

Flooding from Serious Rains: Once a compressor is submerged because of flooding, a circuit will fry the fan motor, various electronic components, and electrical wiring. If you’ve taken the precaution of switching off the breaker, the outdoor part should be dried out fully before power is on. Having it checked out by experienced electricians will prolong the equipment’s life.

Wind, Hail or Sleet: Wind typically accompanies heavy rains, and seasonal storms will turn out hail or sleet. You can shield the outside mechanical device from climate damage by putting in a custom-fit cover made of breathable material. Don’t wrap the unit in plastic or a canvas that traps wetness and causes corrosion. For extra protection, you can also place a chunk of plyboard on top of the unit and weigh it down with a heavy rock or some bricks to ensure it remains where you want it.

How Rain Actually Helps A/C Performance

When it rains, it cools the coil and washes away the dirt that collects on the surface of coils. A clean coil loses heat quicker, which improves air conditioning performance. If it doesn’t rain typically throughout the cooling season, it’s useful to carefully hose off the condensation coil and take away any vegetation that obstructs the condenser. It needs adequate flowing through the coil to figure most efficiently. Annual cleaning and maintenance is essential to your system performing optimally and is a service offered by many local businesses.

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