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HVAC – Is Your System Making You Sick?

During this season, feeling unwell is frequent. This is the reason it is referred to as the ‘season for cold and flu.’ It is frequent also for individuals in the same residence to fall sick at the same period; this is the way the illness normally spreads – sometimes caused by an HVAC system that needs maintenance.

However, are you aware that structures can fall ill also? And that the sign of an ‘ill structure’ is individuals in that structure who are always unwell? If that is not clear, do not be concerned; it will be. Today we will discuss your HVAC system and how it impacts your health and wellbeing.

Ailing Individuals

Colds are common occurrences. We experience them and normally, they clear fast. However, at times they persist for weeks. We have experienced those colds which prevail all winter, hanging around for spring, prior to them eventually going away. However, if symptoms similar to flu go on for months, the answer might not be found in a doctor’s office; particularly if they appear to go away then recur. These signs are inclusive of headaches, faintness, nausea, tiredness, nose and throat pain as well as other signs which we normally dismiss as ‘experiencing a cold.’

However, the doctor might be confused, uncertain of the reason why your sickness continues and at times goes away. This make you confused also. What is the reason for the great difficulty in diagnosing a common cold? How come you are unable to treat it? How come it lasts such a long time? The response might be uncomplicated; you are not the one who is unwell, your building is!

Sick Building Syndrome

It is possible that by now you believe we are deceiving you. However, it is not a must for you to believe us. ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ is listed by National Center for Biotechnology Information as a moderately prevalent happening.

The symptoms are signs that are similar to flu, affecting the inhabitants of a building but without seeming to be sick or other descriptions for those signs. Interval and locality are the vital elements in establishing if your home is ‘ailing’ or not.

If you at all times feel sick in a specific building (such as your home) but the signs improve when you go to another place, the issue might be the building itself. And if those signs go on for months each time you venture in the building and stay there, there is even a possibility that the building has a problem.

Similar to flu or the common cold, buildings can fall sick due to numerous causes. Examples of causes are chemical contaminants (indoor or outdoor), biological contaminants such as mold and mildew as well as asbestos.

Any of the above or a blend of them can have an impact on your respiratory system, aggravate your nose and eyes and give you a sick feeling. Mold is a very prevalent cause here; however, we have handled HVAC systems which were piping horrible smog via moldy filters and not ventilating the area appropriately.

One person experienced a sick feeling for months and was disappointed when calling in sick from work did not appear to assist her improvement. This was not surprising, as the issue was her home!

All of these issues will be made worse by bad or ineffective ventilation. If the air is not circulating throughout the house, it is possibly also not being filtered appropriately.

And, a poor HVAC system can make a room be packed with contaminants fast, particularly if that area is not formed to release pollutants out once more. If your rooms have a stale, dank or damp feeling, your ventilation system might not be functioning appropriately or may be insufficient to cater for the requirements of your home. It might also be having a negative impact on your health.

Curing a Sick Building

The initial step is to request a HVAC tech to examine the building. They will explore a list of probable reasons, searching for each and getting methods to make the situation better and solve the issue.

They are going to manage to know if a building is ‘ailing’ with contamination inside or is facilitating entry of exterior allergens and contaminants which are making the occupants’ wellbeing worse.

They will set things in motion on probable answers, working with the owner of the home during each step of the procedure to guarantee their comfort with the procedure and address any worries the homeowner might have.

The good news is that a lot of the cures of sick building syndrome are as easy as asbestos treatment or mold-clearing. They may be as easy as altering the filters and servicing the system to get rid of contaminants or allergens.

Remember that air is pulled by your HVAC system from a moderately small region outside your house (normally the exterior of AC unit). Many times, that small region might have excessive growth of plants or be subjected to utilization of chemical.

One illustration which we always recall is a client who had a HVAC system which was drawing in pesticides from the garden; this is terrible for your health!

Other answers might require HVAC work which is more detailed such as re-ventilating a section or the whole house to attain sufficient air flow. A lot of homes were constructed to conserve energy (70s and 80s). At this time that science had just been launched, homes with inadequate ventilation were a sad side effect of those efforts, which were meant to assist.

If your home falls under this category, your HVAC contractor is going to inform you on what action to take; normally with a number of diverse options. This is determined by how far you want to go in this procedure.

Despite what the trigger is, a solution exists. Similar to human cold, in case your home is ailing, we will assist. It was not our wish to be doctors; however, in regard to your HVAC system, we are surgeons who are very well trained, prepared to work!

If you are in need of diagnostics or services before the next season change, contact us at (928) 636-2955 or email.  Check out our great Google reviews and we look forward to hearing from you

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