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Learn about MicroPure Total Home Active Air Purifier

October is the time of Halloween and poor air quality. On one end people are preparing for the winter season and, on the other hand, the onset of molds and bacteria gets inevitable in the household. As all of us have the right to breathe in fresh and pure air no matter what the circumstance may be; the air purifier comes in handy.

As per the findings of EPA, the indoor air tends to be more polluted than the outdoor air in months like September, November, and October. The research also stated that the pollutants are two to five times higher in these months. Dirt, acetone, formaldehyde, volatile organic compound, and viruses are found in the indoor air.

Introducing MicroPure Total Home Active Air Purifier

MicroPure offers a cost-effective way of eliminating major elements of pollutants from the air and make it fresh and highly breathable. As COVID is widely dispersed throughout the world, a MicroPure home air purifier has become an utmost necessity as a form of protection. The machine offers an active cleaning system for every cubic foot of air surrounding your household.

For enhanced functionality, the purifier gets attached to the house HVAC system cleaning the house while maintaining the home temperature. The machine contains a patented photolytic ionic oxidation mechanism broad-spectrum ultraviolet light along with a potent oxidizer to purify the air particles. The ionic cleansing hunt down every single air-borne pathogen and pollutant and kills it on the spot. The mechanism is naturally found in hilly or mountainous areas. The machine is perfect for those who are prone to air-borne allergies, ENT diseases, and lung-related ailments. If you are an asthma patient, having an Active Air Purifier at home can do wonders for your health and reduce the episodes of shortness of breath.

NASA and MicroPure Total Home Active Purifier

The MicroPure purifying technology was designed by intelligent NASA engineers so the air quality in their International Space Program can be maintained and keep their lungs healthy. The air purifier not only keeps the pathogens and pollutants at bay but also removes unpleasant odors from the air making it perfect for households with kids and pets. No matter what the outside environment is like the house will always remain dirt-free. Besides that, the MicroPure home pure is certified for electrical safety by ETL. In short, there are zero cases reported for short-circuiting when it comes to MicroPure Total Home Active Purifier. The portable size of the purifier makes installation and overall handling very easy for the users.


MicroPure Total Home Active Purifier is the perfect solution for every resident of the metropolitan city. The increasing amount of pollution in the air is making things worse and giving way to several air-borne diseases and allergies. An air purifier can be attached to the HVAC system of the house which cleans the pollutants and pathogens from the air making it perfect for breathing.

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