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Top 5 Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

Today’s technology provides the capability to achieve complete comfort in your home. While traditional, or analog thermostats may cost less upfront to purchase and install than a smart thermostat, the latter provides many more long-term advantages. Heading into warmer weather means that you won't want to waste money or resources cooling your home when you don't have to. Learn about some of the benefits of updating your thermostat below!

1. Cost-Efficient

Smart thermostats are the best way to combat high bills by reducing electrical power usage. Instead of heating or cooling your house when you are away or sleeping, you can easily schedule when you want to turn your air on and off. Energy saving is the first step to reduce high bills and increase savings.

Additionally, your HVAC (heating ventilation, air conditioning) system is very expensive and typically has a very lifetime. By installing a smart thermostat, you are prolonging the life of the various systems, machines, and technologies used in your home to regulate air and improve comfort.

2. Reliable

Smart thermostats are exact, thus, enabling you to change and pinpoint the precise temperature that is perfect for you. This is significant, as each degree can lead you to save 1-2% on your service bill each month. Your home will become more energy efficient and effective across all the seasons.

3. Convenient

Before smart thermostats, you were stuck with two options: either turn off your air while you are away and return to an uncomfortable temperature at home, or pay to heat and cool your house while you are away. Now, you are able to pick your perfect temperature and set your thermostat to turn on when the timing works best for you. You are also able to change the temperature from any room in the house by simply downloading the associated app on your phone.

4. Protective

Smart thermostats will monitor and track your daily behaviors as it continually learns and picks up on your habits. It serves as a safety guard if you often forget to turn the air off when you leave, while also provides insightful information to your home temperatures in case there is something wrong with your HVAC system. It will alert you when components may need to be serviced, and serve as a preventive measure in catching problems before they get worse or affect other aspects of your home.

5. Smart

True their name, modern thermostats are smart. They allow you to track and plan your energy usage remotely using connected electronic devices. It learns various behaviors and creates the most energy and cost-efficient utilization of resources to accommodate your unique lifestyle.

If you’re considering installing a smart thermostat, call the professionals at Chino Heating & Cooling! Our team is specialized in installing, maintaining and repairing residential air condition systems. Contact us today!

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