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Prevent costly repairs with these 7 monthly HVAC maintenance tips

Repairing and maintenance can be extremely costly when it comes to HVAC systems. Therefore users are advised to take care of the unit so that it doesn't get overworked or damaged. This article will talk about 7 maintenance tips that would prevent costly repairs and damage.

An image of a healthy HVAC unity working right outside a home.

1. Schedule yearly maintenance:

Tuning up the heating and air conditioning units every year can prolong their life. According to HVAC experts, regular maintenance can avoid 95% of issues in the cooling and heating units. Book your yearly or biannual appointment with the professional and let them inspect your HAC unit before winter or summer arrives.

2. Replace Air Filters:

Air filters should be replaced every 30 to 90 days of usage. Replacement of these filters can keep your HVAC system working and damage-free for a longer span. Take away dirt and clogged debris from the filters every month because this trapped debris can hinder the functioning of the air conditioning unit, thus consuming more electricity. If you have pets in the residential house building, air filters can rap there, giving the House members poor quality air. When purchasing air filters, let the salesman know that you have pets in the house so that you can purchase pet-friendly filters for your HVAC system.

3. Clean vents:

Sometimes, clogged vents can also bother the air quality and airflow. If you have duct air vents, vacuum them regularly to wipe off the dirt. Keep sofas and other furniture items away from the air vents and check the airflow periodically to rule out any weakness. In case of weak airflow, talk to an HVAC technician immediately.

4. Keep the outside unit clean and dust-free:

An outside HVAC unit can easily be forgotten. Therefore, it is advised that you clean the outside HVAC unit every month to show that you can avoid damage in the longer run. Moreover, the outside unit should be placed on a flat, clean surface so that its functioning cannot be bothered. Besides that, users are requested to fake any fallen tricks, leaves, and debris around the system. Cut back the plants and shrubs that are growing near the outside unit to get properly ventilated. You can also use a wet and dry vacuum to remove excess dirt and grit.

5. Schedule a ductwork inspection:

If the ducts are not cleaned, they can develop a thicker grunge layer that bothers the living space's proper airflow. Moreover, the layer also affects the functioning of your HVAC system and spikes the electricity bill. Besides that, the blocked duct can also accumulate pet fur, dander, microbes, mites, and dust. Sometimes the treated air can also leak through and accumulate debris. Cleaned ducts promote healthy airflow in the house. Therefore, ducts should be inspected and cleaned regularly.

6. Consider a maintenance plan:

As soon as you install an HVAC system, plan out the maintenance and servicing of the system. This will keep your unit fully functional and in good health.

7. Pay closer attention to your unit:

A trustworthy HVAC unit does break down easily and remains in function for years to come. However, as a user, it is advised that you should keep a closer eye on the functioning of your AC unit so that all the issues can be resolved before it becomes bigger. Call reliable and trustworthy professional HVAC handlers if you suspect an irregularity.


HVAC systems are very expensive, and they can last for years without getting damaged with the right care. Here, I have sourced 7 monthly HVAC tips that will keep your unit in good shape and help you avoid damage and replacement.


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