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Why should we purify our air in the home?

As the name suggests, air purifiers tend to purify the air in the house and keep the dirt particles along with air-borne bacteria away from your home. Besides the above-mentioned feature, there are multiple other features that air purifier performs so that the air in the house remains clean and fresh all the time.

Here are the five reasons why you should own an air purifier.

It prevents allergies and asthma.

People who live in metropolitan cities are prone to developing asthma and various air-borne diseases. At this moment, the air purifier comes in handy as it can elevate symptoms like wheezing, coughing, and sneezing in people. The large dust particle in the air is the reason behind the onset of allergies with an air purifier, you do not have to worry about it and breathe in fresh clean air.

It prevents smog.

Smog is a common problem in big and smaller cities. Due to a great deal of pollution, smog is affecting the functioning of our lungs badly. The machine filters out the bad gasses from the air so that your lung will not get jeopardized by the pollution elements.

It prevents ozone depletion.

Due to the drastic increase in population, the ozone layer is depleting rapidly causing a massive change in the world temperature. The extra UV light that was once trapped in the ozone is now entering the earth causing massive havoc to people’s health. By using an air purifier, you are playing your part to save the ozone layer by consuming efficient energy.

The Air purifier offers excellent ventilation.

If you are living in an apartment with a poor ventilation system, then it is highly advised to buy a good air purifier so that breathing won’t be hindered. Place the machine at one corner and see the magic it can perform even with the bad air quality and quantity.

It prevents the formation of molds.

The dampness and poor house structure give way to the development of mold. As many big cities have haphazard house construction to accommodate as many people as possible, the formation of molds is inevitable. Using a good quality air purifier can take away your worries by providing you a clean, mold-free air to breathe. The walls and critical area of your house remain dry and fungus-free even in the dampest seasons.

Which air purifier is the best?

Often it gets hard for us to choose the right product with so much competition in the market. Our highest recommendation is the Lennox Air Purifier. Not only is it affordable, but it also performs its duties efficiently. The machines take the minimal electricity and filter out chemicals, pollutants, and germs in the air. With five years of the extended warranty, you can always claim your money back upon dissatisfaction. According to the manufacturer, the air purifier contains the number one MERV 16 Carbon clean media filter that cleans over 99.7% of the air in the house.

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